A part of a motorway with the focus on the crash barrier.

VARIO-GUARD® - Flexible steel safety barrier for more safety

The flexible steel crash barrier for temporary and stationary road applications. Ideal for protecting road work sites and for contra flow situations as well as diversions.


Safeguarding Work Zones

VARIO-GUARD® provides a positive crashworthy barrier between traffic and work force. The barrier is only 400 mm wide, excluding the base, which is designed for traffic to drive over, making it especially suitable where road space is limited.

Safeguarding Traffic

VARIO-GUARD® is well proven for securing oncoming traffic on dangerous road sections as well as on sections with heavy traffic. VARIO-GUARD® effectively eliminates the risk of fatal frontal collisions.

Permanent Safety

Due to its high performance, VARIO-GUARD® is suitable for use as a median barrier in hazardous road sections. With its system height of 900 mm in conjunction with reflectors, VARIO-GUARD® has good protective and conductive properties and thus contributes significantly to reducing the number of accidents. MEISER Straßenausstattung also offers VARIO-GUARD® quick-release emergency gates.

Safeguarding Diversions

Frequently there are diversions in work/maintenance areas which pose a greater thread to traffic. VARIO-GUARD® is an ideal system for channelling and redirecting traffic in a safe way. The redirection function is particularly noticeable in wet or dark conditions.

Maintenance, Storage and Transport

Maintenance and repair of VARIO-GUARD® usually pose no problem. Following an impact, the only maintenance normally required is to realign the barrier. 1.000 m of VARIO-GUARD® can be stored in 100 m2 and a single flatbed trailer can transport 168 m of VARIO-GUARD®.

Tested Safety – T3, N2, H1, H2

In extensive tests the variants of the VARIO-GUARD® system have demonstrated their ability to fulfil the demands of containment level T3, N2, H1 and H2 according to EN 1317-2.

All impacting vehicles, passenger cars as well as trucks (10 t) and buses (13 t) were gently redirected. All the vehicles were slowed down in a controlled manner and without too much tilting.


The low dead weight and the design of VARIO-GUARD® ensure a cost-effective transport and guarantee a quick assembly. Work zones tend to be dynamic and there is frequently a need to move barriers. This is easy to realise with VARIO-GUARD® by using preassembled 12 m elements which are linked via quick connections and each locked by a single bolt. They can be moved and reconnected quickly.