Innovative with Safety

SUPER-RAIL® ECO – Effective lightweight system

The economical H2 system is characterized by low weight, various installation options and efficient assembly.

SUPER-RAIL® ECO is an economical safety barrier system which is characterised by low system weight, various applications and efficient assembly. SUPER-RAIL® ECO meets the requirements for containment levels H2 in accordance with EN 1317. The working width is from W1 up to W4, the aimed ASI A W4 is achieved.

SUPER-RAIL® ECO consists of C125 posts on which a continuous box profile and a guardrail beam with A or B profile are mounted. The profiled beam is connected to the C125 posts by deformation brackets. The C125 posts can be rammed into the ground at the roadside. Modern anchor technology also allows SUPER-RAIL® ECO to be anchored to structures by means of a base plate.

Furthermore, SUPER-RAIL® ECO offers high-performance transition elements for diverse steel and concrete constructions. The system also provides terminals.

SUPER-RAIL® ECO in the median

The system is designed to provide protection of traffic lanes on the same level or with different heights.

SUPER-RAIL® ECO is frequently used where space is limited as it is available as a double-sided system. Narrow medians with widths from 1.20 m can thus be secured. Height can be adjusted where traffic lanes on either side are on different levels.

SUPER-RAIL® ECO at the roadside

SUPER-RAIL® ECO enables the economical protection of less frequented highways with containment level H2. The HS system also offers a high level of safety with minimum space requirements. The working width and vehicle intrusion are only 80 cm.


SUPER-RAIL® ECO on bridges

SUPER-RAIL® ECO meets the particularly high requirements for safety barrier systems on bridges. The low weight of only 47 kg/m and the high containment performance offer ideal conditions for installation on older existing bridges. For bridges with small middle parapets, SUPER-RAIL® ECO can be mounted on both sides of a row of posts.

SUPER-RAIL® ECO on strip foundation

SUPER-RAIL® ECO offers a high safety level even with minimum space requirements on strip foundation. The construction width is only 37 cm, the working width 60 cm.