Close-up of a protector connected to a crash barrier system from Meiser Strassenausstattung.

Protector - steel guardrails initial and final construction

Performance class P2A according to DIN ENV 1317-4
The start and end construction for highest safety standards combined with the benefits of easy handling.


In the event of a frontal crash, the Protector prevents vehicles from sliding, thus minimizing a significant danger in road traffic. The tested start and end construction combines state-of-the-art technology with easy handling.

The Protector can be installed quickly and easily by pre-assembling it in two components. Particularly in regular road traffic, the protective device is maintenance-free, but even after an impact the repair is little time consuming.

Protector Technical Data

Class of permanent lateral deflection Class of rebound area Impact strength level System length
P2A x1m / y2 z2 A 7,95m


Width of start Construction height
from roadway surface level
Foundation Connected safety barrier
0,805m 0,65m - 0,75m pile driven ECO-SAFE 2.0

Test setup length 23.7 m, consisting of 7.95 m start and end construction Protector and 16.0 m connected system ECO-SAFE 2.0.

Protector Construction

The Protector is made of hot-dip galvanized and thus corrosion-resistant steel. For the start and end construction we use steel grade S235 JR, for the post S355 JR. In addition to a honeycomb basket with integrated post and deformation elements with a diameter of 273mm, the system consists of a crash barrier beam profile B and support brackets. The honeycomb basket and the connecting element form two pre-assembled components of the Protector. The impact strength value is particularly noteworthy. With a score below 1, the Protector achieves a result in this area that only few other systems can match.

The support post in the head area only touches the ground and is not firmly connected to the soil. This means that the post can move dynamically when a force is applied and there is no negative effect on the impact strength.

Protector Structural Bionics

The damping element of the Protector is based on the natural honeycomb structure of a bee honeycomb.  The Protector is characterised by its high stability, efficient use of space and low weight.  Due to the honeycomb structure, loads do not affect selectively, but are distributed throughout the honeycomb basket via the honeycomb walls.

In the impact test, the optimum stress distribution is shown in the final result. The honeycombs fold up, similar to a house of cards, and thus absorb a large part of the impact energy.