A part of a motorway with the focus on the crash barrier.

B 50 High Moselle Bridge

Close-up of a boundary post on the Hochmosel crossing.

After 16 years of construction, the official inauguration and opening to traffic of the largest High Moselle Bridge took place on November 21, 2019. The bridge has a height of 160m and a section length of 25km. The project consists of several stages. The High Moselle Bridge is only a small part of a major project, namely the trunk road connection linking the Belgian/Dutch North Sea ports and the Belgian conurbations with the Rhine-Main area. This trunk road connection includes the A 60 from the Belgian border to the A 1 near Wittlich, which was completed in 2002.

In order to provide a further connection to the A 61, the B 50 was extended to the A 61 near Rheinböllen. This extension is called "B 50 new". The High Moselle Crossing with the High Moselle Bridge is the section where the "B 50 new" crosses the Moselle valley at Zeltingen-Rachtig.

Our safety systems are used on the B 50, where several products were installed in two tender lots:

- ECO SAFE: (71,133 - 84,00 km) with 12.000m and (84,00 - 91,555 km) with 7.000m

- SUPER RAIL ECO: (71,133 - 84,00 km) with 3.000m and (84,00 - 91,555 km) with 1.450m

- SUPER RAIL: (71,133 - 84,00 km) with 400m and (84,00 - 91,555 km) with 400m

- GATE GUARD: (71,133 - 84,00 km) with 2 pieces

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