A part of a motorway with the focus on the crash barrier.

MEISER is proud to announce the acquisition of the guardrail division of the German company Volkmann & Rossbach GmbH, one of major players worldwide in the production of roadsafety products.



Close-up of an Easy-rail crash barrier system on a motorway from Meiser Strassenausstattung.


The agreement includes the transfer of the international sales business unit to MEISER, as well as the Easy-Rail product range and the ownership of the BBV plant in Brandenburg.
The official announcement was made today (03/28/2022).

The move to acquire the V&R business began at the end of 2021 and the agreement was signed on March 25th.

"The acquisition made of Volkmann & Rossbach is our group's fourth acquisition in the road safety sector in the last three years." said Ulrich Meiser, managing director of MEISER.
"This new acquisition is part of the strategy of MEISER to become a global leader in the production of steel products for road safety. By acquiring the Easy-Rail product range and the BBV plant in Brandenburg, strategically located near the Polish border, we are aiming at a further expansion into Eastern Europe and the Balkan countries, which until yesterday were difficult to reach due to the geographical distance from our plants in West Germany."

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