Close-up of the mini-guard crash barrier system on a motorway, manufactured by Meiser Strassenausstattung.

MINI-GUARD® - the steel safety barrier with guidance function

The mobile steel safety barrier guides traffic and safeguards work locations.
MINI-GUARD® combines  traffic separation with extraordinary optical guidance capabilities.

The MINI-GUARD® temporary steel safety barrier is relatively light, but provides a very high level of traffic safety.

MINI-GUARD® has proven itself for work zone protection on motorways and national highways over many years. It is particularly suited for locations where frequent changes to traffic flow are required. MINI-GUARD’s flexibility makes reconfiguration easy.

Protective function

The flat, broad base of the barrier is designed for vehicles to drive over it. In the event of an impact, the vehicle’s own weight creates additional barrier stability. This helps to optimize protection with a very narrow barrier maximizing available traffic space.

Guiding function

Work zones frequently have narrow and winding traffic lanes, which require clear delineation and guidance, especially for night time or periods of poor visibility.
MINI-GUARD® can be equipped with barrier reflectors at top and bottom, making further  road markings unnecessary.

Safety tested to DIN EN 1317-2

MINI-GUARD® was originally tested in 1992. It was one of the first temporary barriers tested and approved by Germany’s Federal Road Safety Institute (BASt). MINI-GUARD® also complies with containment level T3; it has a proven track record of service at numerous work sites around the world.

MINI-GUARD® is very light (40 kg/m) and can be easily assembled by two people. Additional tools are not necessary thanks to the intelligent plug-in system. A standard flatbed truck can deliver to site 420m MINI-GUARD®.

Due to its excellent installation properties MINI-GUARDv can be installed manually and space-saving. The traffic flow disruption is minimal. Tilting elements should be installed at regular intervals.

Assembly is achieved by sliding the elements into each other. Connection tubes are inserted from the top locking them in place. The standard elements are placed on the roadway. Sloped start and end terminals are anchored with pins.


Usually, there is minimal damage to MINI-GUARD® in typical work site accidents. If repairs are required, they are simple and take very little time. Normally, it is only necessary to realign the barrier.