Lowering of a guardrail system from Meiser Strassenausstattung.

HBB protective planking system - a product family that ensures safety

Containment Levels N2 and H1 according to EN 1317-2

HBB is a product line of various guardrail systems with containment levels ranging from N2 to H1. They provide working widths from W2 up to W5 and meet the targeted ASI A. Depending on requirements, post spacings of 1.33m, 2m or 4m are available. The posts can be pile-driven or be installed on concrete using modern dowel technology. Transitions and end terminals are also available. The systems are all tested in accordance with EN 1317 and CE marked. The use of a few basic elements makes this product line unique and flexible in handling. Further on, it guarantees fast and simple installation, efficient storage and logistics.

HBB – the product family at a glance

  • HBB products offer economical solutions
  • Transitions between the different HBB systems can be built easily without the necessity of special parts
  • A profiles as well as B profiles available
  • HBB products provide a user friendly system weight, no heavy construction machinery is required
  • HBB offer reliable start and end terminals
  • End terminal with performance class P2A available
  • Tested transitions to H1 and H2 barriers complete the product range

HBB – whether A or B profile: uncompromising safety from A - Z