A completed Duo-rail steel crash barrier from Meiser Strassenausstattung, on a dual carriageway.

DUO-RAIL® steel crash barriers - Modular. Transportable. Ingenious.

DUO-RAIL® is a a transportable steel crash barrier in modular design for the most diverse requirements
DUO-RAIL® was developed for securing road construction sites and as a permanent protective device especially for highway medians


DUO-RAIL® stands for a new generation of protective steel barriers which, thanks to their modular design, increase safety on our roads.

The integrated quick connector mechanism ensures quick assembly performance. Depending on the construction level, it meets different requirements. DUO-RAIL® was developed for both the temporary protection at road construction sites and as a permanent safety barrier especially for highway medians. It corresponds to containment levels T1, T2, T3, N2, H1 and H2 in accordance with DIN EN 1317 and, depending on the design, provides working width from W2 up to W7.

The modular system DUO-RAIL® consists of 5.85m long basic elements (construction level K).  By installing the top sections, the DUO-RAIL® barriers achieve construction level KA or KAV. Additional loads inside the basic elements assure construction level KAB which provides additional stability.

Adequate transitions from one level to another or to other systems, custom-fit transition systems, dilatation and angle elements complete the range of this versatile system.

DUO-RAIL® - Innovative design

  • Mobile steel barrier with closed surface and accessible base
  • Flexible modular concept
  • Special design allows for unrestricted drainage flow
  • Optimized overall width for high safety and user-friendlines

DUO-RAIL® - Performance

  • Meets the requirements for temporary as well as permanent protective device
  • Little to no damages after impact
  • Anchorage of start / end terminals does not affect the system’s performance

DUO-RAIL® - An economical decision

  • Reduced logistical effort thanks to temporary and permanent construction variants
  • High assembly performance due to quick connector system
  • Increased transport capacity thanks to optimized loading quantities
  • Low maintenance costs